The firm has substantial experience in representing individuals, governmental bodies and major corporations with respect to environmental matters in various capacities and in a variety of forums. This includes participation in the drafting and negotiation of air pollution control, NPDES, RCRA and landfill permits with the EPA and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC). The firm appears before the Air Pollution Control Board, Solid Waste Disposal Control Board and Water Quality Control Board. In these appearances, the firm has argued and opposed proposed changes to state regulations and defended clients when faced with civil penalty assessments and orders for corrective actions from the TDEC.

The firm has been involved in extensive federal and state court litigation at both the trial and appellate court level involving environmental issues.

The firm routinely gives advice to its clients regarding their day-to-day compliance with environmental regulations and environmental implications in mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions and estate planning.

The firm believes its clients are best served by having a strong environmental compliance program with emphasis on long range planning and prevention. With respect to all environmental matters, the firm is firmly committed to early and ongoing coordination between management, technical resources and legal counsel to produce beneficial and cost effective results.

The firm's environmental practice is handled primarily by Frank J. Scanlon and Samuel P. Helmbrecht. Mr. Scanlon was Deputy Attorney General in charge of the Environmental Enforcement Division of the Tennessee Attorney General's Office from October of 1983 until July of 1988 when he joined the firm.